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Ojeverse is an Independent Music Metaverse platform where users can own digital Land assets and stake to earn rewards. Community members can receive revenue and rewards through staking, renting, selling and developing Virtual Real Estate, goods and services. Inside the Ojeverse you will find a virtual playground dedicated to independent musicians and artists from around the world. Featuring live events, interactive games, virtual stores, and galleries OJE hopes to build a virtual oasis for undiscovered talent and art.

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OJE VR is our first proof of concept availble in VR Chat at

Here you can participate in AMA's, attend VR Concerts, browse our galleries and explore builds of our future Land Plots.

Black Dragon VR

OJE Inc has partnered with Black Dragon Reality to co create our vision for the metaverse. Through our partnership OJE Inc provides multiple VR and 3D asset services. Whether it's building an asset in Blender or creating an entire Virtual Venue, Black Dragon Reality and OJE Inc has an experienced development team waiting to assist you.

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OJE VR Quest 

OJE Quests are ways members can earn reward caches such as crypto, NFTs, physical VR accessories, merchandise, whitelist spots and airdrops from exploring the OJEVERSE VR chat. 

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