OJE Radio is not just your typical streaming service. OJE Inc is dedicated to providing a platform for independent artists to monetize their work directly without the need of payment processing  or royalty services. Through Blockchain and Smart Contracts Musicians and Artists can list their content, sell their assets and be paid without any centralized entity involved. OJE Radio provides a multitude of options to help launch independent artists into the future of content monetization. Our Minting packages are completely free. OJE Inc only takes fees once an asset is sold. 25% of initial sale is allocated to the OJE DAO treasury which backs the floor value of any NFT collection purchased on our platform. These collections can then be lent, collateralized and staked to earn high APY% rewards in Lending pools. It is OJE Inc's vision to create an NFT Radio service that both streams undiscovered talent and offers listeners rewards for supporting those artists. 

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