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OJE Inc has many elements that create its ecosystem. Here we break down our project in detail for easy comprehension of all the aspects that make OJE unique. Our platform is focused on community, enjoyment, discoverability and profitability. We believe the future is blockchain and decentralized technology. Our developers and creators are musicians and enthusiasts who value independent artists and what they contribute to the future of our society. OJE uses NFT smart contracts as a decentralized royalty payment structure, removing centralized services from the allocation equation. Our DOA is designed to incentive the purchase of NFT collections on our platform to stake and leverage for insane APY% rewards. OJEVERSE VR is a virtual community hub where digital assets are mined and traded. In the OJEVERSE users can engage in OJE Quests where they will interact with players and earn physical and digital rewards. Please join our Discord and Telegram for more info and get to know a diverse community of Crypto fans, Musicians, Artists, VR gamers and more! 



OJE Token was lauched on ....... It was designed as a governance token for the OJEVERSE. 

4% fee on buy and sells and breaks down as follows:

  • 7% is redistributed to holders in Ethereum claimable on our website

  • 4% goes to project development and marketing

  • 3% goes to the buy back wallet

  • 95% of supply fair launched

  • 5% team allocation (locked for 420 years)

  • 42 billion max supply

Phase 2 OJE/DAO and Marketplace Tokenomics coming soon!



OJE Inc is dedicated to our artists and users. We provide a one on one specialist to guide all of our creators in the NFT minting process. Whether its walking an artist through a simple upload or scaling a release to its maximum potential, OJE is here to assist and streamline the experience. Our packages are price variable and free of any initial charge. OJE Inc only receives its packaging costs after an asset is sold. Our packages include but are not limited to 

  • Minting and listing of NFT on OJE and OpenSea

  • Building a VR space, 3D avatar or .obj file

  • 360 Spatial Audio mix 

  • Vertically integrated Merchandising

  • OJE radio advertisment proceeds

  • Publication, Podcast interview, Weekly Showcase





Memberships in OJE grant access to weekly Quests, monthly giveaways, raffles, and more. Once a member you will be on our list for airdrops and rewards. You will be able to enjoy OJE NFT Radio ad free. Members also have priority in our community and ecosystem with access to whitelists and pre-sales as well as our community experts and discussion boards. OJE Quests can only be accessed by members. Users can sign up with either an account or crypto wallet. Monthly fees apply.


OJE Quests

Community is something we strive to create, grow, and engage with. At OJE Inc we see a commonality in independence of Art and finances. We believe the future of commerce is decentralized. Meaning payment and royalties of a creators art are not managed by companies and corporations but on decentralized automated protocols governed by users, stakers and holders. We are constantly trying to find ways to give back to our community and challenge them in fun, and interesting games. OJE Quests are our way of growing our members and giving back to the community simultaneously. A quest can be initiated once a member has obtained a key.  



The OJE DAO is a DeFi protocol that functions as a lending, borrowing and staking platform, as well as our NFT marketplace payment system. It is designed to generate high APY$ rewards to stakers and holders of OJE Token. In the OJE DAO you will be able to lend an NFT for its floor value that is backed by the DAO's treasury and leverage that position. Then you can swap and stake OJE Token in our lending pool for maximum rewards. Our Decentralized autonomous organization will launch in 2023. 



OJE NFT Radio is a revolutionary idea for radio streaming. A decentralized audio streaming services that links users directly to Artists NFT collections. Make playlists, share with members your collections, or just browse our library of independent musicians from around the world. OJE NFT Radio mobile and web apps are under development and projected to be available for down load soon.

Image by Eric Nopanen

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